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BeachyCations Management Services

Our management fee is very competitive, always keeping costs as low as possible for our Owners!

BeachyCations strives to not only meet our Owner’s and Guest’s expectations, but to exceed them in every way. Peace of mind, open communication, and a strong working relationship make this the perfect program for all rental property owners.

20% for Standard Bookings

10% for Friend of Owner Referrals


BeachyCations is always finding new, exciting, and cost-effective avenues to market your investment! As VRBO has built and maintained their popularity with guests worldwide, it is extremely important for your property to have professional and attention-grabbing presence on both VRBO and HomeAway. The cost includes individual listings on both websites. Additionally, your property will be marketed on AirBnB, BeachyCations.com and social media.

$399 per year

Professional Property & Amenity Photos

Yes, that’s right! We cover all the costs to have your property professionally photographed! Not only do we include gorgeous photography, but also full property amenity photos. Potential guests can see the entire room just by clicking on the photo they are viewing and changing the aim of the recorded area! Guests really love it!

Over $250 value
We cover this cost!

Wi-Fi or Cellular Lock

Offering top-notch technology and security, these smart locks are absolutely worth every penny! Complete control of the lock can be had from anywhere with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection (even from a cell phone!), and each guest is issued an individual code that is only good for the time of their reservation. Removing codes, viewing entry history, and more, are all quick and simple! Cost also includes full stainless steel door wrap and installation!

Over $600 value

Wi-Fi or Cellular Climate Control

Looking to control costs? This is an effective and inexpensive option, and highly recommended! We can monitor your thermostat(s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for any indication of issue or concern. Not only can we view real-time what activity is taking place, but we can shut off the A/C if a door is left open for a predetermined period of time. You can also be notified if the temperature reaches a certain level, the humidity gets too high, the HVAC unit fails to function, etc. These are amazing!!! Cost also includes installation!

Over $850 value

Luxury Linen Pool Membership

When we say luxury, we mean luxury! No rough and thin “hotel-style” sheets or towels here! 1800 thread count sheets, full sheet sets (fitted sheet, flat sheets, standard and king pillow cases), over-sized fluffy towels, soft washcloths, designated makeup towels, stain resistant kitchen towel sets, the list just goes on! You’ll notice the difference right away, and so do our guests! The cost to initially join the BeachyCations Linen Pool covers almost 2 full sets of linens, we cover the rest!

$70 x Number of Guests the Property Sleeps

Luxury Linen Pool Renewal

Annually we must replenish your linen inventory for the linen pool in order to maintain the level of quality BeachyCations is expected to deliver to both our Owners and Guests. As each reervation damages at least one or two pieces of linen, and tattered, worn, or thin linen must be continuously pulled from the pool, replenishment is vital in preserving your luxury rental property status and reputation. The cost of renewing your membership is almost one full set, we cover the difference!

$35 x Number of Guests the Property Sleeps

Owner Cleaning Services: Standard

For all standard guest reservations, the property cleaning cost is paid by the Guest. When an Owner, or any no-charge Guest reserves the property, the standard cleaning cost will be billed on the following month’s Owner’s Statement. As there are many rules and regulations we must abide by when cleaning and maintaining a vacation rental property, we are sadly unable to allow Owners to clean their own properties upon their departure.

Owner Standard Cleaning

1B/1B $110
1B/2B $120
2B/1B $125
2B/2B $130
2B/3B $140
3B/2B $145
3B/3B $155
4B/3B $170
4B/4B $180

Owner Cleaning Services: Annual or Bi-ANnual Deep Cleaning

A top-to-bottom deep cleaning of your vacation rental property will be scheduled and completed by BeachyCations, no less than one time per year. Our deep cleaning includes disinfecting and scrubbing everything, even moving the stove and fridge to clean under and behind them! After months of vacationing guests, your rental property absolutely needs it! BeachyCations highly recommends, and stresses to all of our Owners, that completing two deep cleans per year not only aids in clealiness, but also is extending the life of your furniture, appliances, etc.

Deep Cleaning

1B/1B $220
1B/2B $240
2B/1B $250
2B/2B $260
2B/3B $280
3B/2B $290
3B/3B $310
4B/3B $340
4B/4B $360

Bedspread Cleaning & Stain Treatment

Monthly, or at the very least, quarterly cleaning of all bedspreads is advised. Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of your bedspreads will promote the highest level of cleanliness, aid in guest satisfaction, and extend the life of your bedspreads. For a minimal cost,  your bedspreads can be picked up, professionally laundered, and delivered in a timely manner. While your bedspreads are being laundered, BeachyCations will supply your property with high-quality bedspreads at no cost, so there is no inconvenience for Owners or Guests!

Deep Cleaning

Size Normal Wash Dry Cleaning
Twin $10 $22
Full $12 $22
Queen $14 $24
King $18 $28

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Professional tile and grout cleaning is also highly recommended at least one time per year, preferably twice per year. Panama City Beach is one of the premier beach destinations in the country, which means guests are most likely in flip-flops or no shoes at all. This creates an increase of dirt, silt, etc. to be carried into all rental properties in this area. BeachyCations has spent years perfecting our method of thoroughly cleaning tile floors for standard departure cleans, but once the dirt has made its way deep into the grout, it can only be removed by professionals. To preserve the life of your tile and grout, bi-annual cleaning is suggested.

$.75 per square foot