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Karen Smith
Karen SmithOwner

I have always been a beach girl at heart and it is so fitting that I am now blessed to have a little boutique Real Estate company called, “Beachy Beach.” Resting on my little rustic library table is my grandmother’s funky orange beach hat. The west end of the beach has always been my favorite respite. I have always loved the smell of Coppertone and the feel of sand between my toes. My family would spend all day on the beach and go to Way Side Park (now Pier Park) and then make the trek back to Enterprise to return again the next weekend. We eventually built a beach house making it easier for us to stay here all the time. I have tons of memories from Petty coat Junction, Miracle Strip, Goofy Golf and especially the Hangout where Pier Park now stands. Many of those landmarks have gone by the wayside but the beach is still the most beautiful beach in the United States. Every time I run or walk on the beach I am so filled with gratitude that I have the good grace to live and work here. As if that was not blessing enough I now have a sweet little Beachy Beach family of Realtors. One of my favorite quotes is by Walt Whitman, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm” and in keeping with that we have the most enthusiastic happy little team of Realtors on the beach. Beachy Beach is made up of people who have so much fun doing what we do that we find it hard to call it a job.